Millennials are now becoming investors in greater and greater numbers. 

The trade-clearing firm Apex recently released a study identifying the stocks most favored by millennials.  The top 10 most-widely-held stocks are perhaps not a big shock – the chart below from shows the top 10, which contain 4 of the 5 so-called “FAANG” stocks, with the 5th at no. 12.

Surprisingly, the stock run by two old guys out of Nebraska, a decidedly non-tech behemoth, comes in at no. 6.  Apex CMO Hannah Shaw Grove said “One thing is for certain – millennials are investing in the future. Their fingers are always on the pulse of tech trends, innovation, and those companies which are in a position to influence the way we live and conduct business.”

“No reference to any specific company constitutes a recommendation to buy, sell or hold a specific security or any other investment or any other course of action to be taken as to any investment.”